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Paneer Runs in Our Family

Mentioned in the Vedas, dating as far back as 6000 BC of India Subcontinent, Paneer is a fresh cheese frequently used in South Asian Cuisine similar to queso blanco. Chhena or Chhana is an East Indian variant of Paneer that is eaten in Bangla, Orissa region of India and also in the neighboring country of Bangladesh.  Moist and soft crumbly in texture, it is used to make delicacies such as Sandesh, Mutter paneer and Rasgulla. It is a rich source of milk protein.




The procedure of making Chhena is similar to paneer but it is not pressed for a long time. In Orissa, the process of making the cheese is the same that of ricotta. The milk is boiled, curdled with a small amount of whey and then strained and beaten in cheesecloth. The cheese is kneaded well till it becomes smooth and can be used in any dessert.

Owner & Executive Chef

Martins Ate

"Only healthy and fresh ingredients"

Dear Paneer lover!

As from Europe, the very first time I had an experience with Indian style food was in Vedic cooking classes in Belgium organized by ISKCON Belgium Radadesh Temple devotees. Soon I become the organizer of such classes in Brussels, Belgium, myself. While living in Brussels, as a vegetarian, I gathered many same minded people for Vedic culinary classes. The teacher of all that was from local Hare Krishna Radhadesh community and her amazing knowledge on how she was explaining all fruit, seed, vegetable qualities, mixing them up together with herbs and spices in the pan gave the mouth most maximum taste. She gave me inspiration for my restaurant business I continued to pass the taste gathered from ayurvedic cooking classes.


In our restaurants, we prepare all from fresh and local ingredients. We know the farms we're buying milk from. We know the maker's of that tasty cheese called Paneer. So everything is "local", made with Love and with devotion to Love. In most of the cases even Ghee we fry paneer in is made by ourselves.


We do not use cooking oil instead we use a product called Ghee because its resistance capacity to the high temperatures is much higher so giving the ability to cook higher quality dishes. Ghee is a product of cows. It is made from fresh milk after it is cleared from cream, then blended into butter then purified by boiling it and dividing the existent butter into 2 parts - fats and shiny golden oil - Ghee. So due to this procedure Ghee has been always a valuable product in any house and in Vedic times families richness was even counted by the quantity of Ghee in their households. So that's the basic ingredient for any cooked meal we normally would use for dishes we would eat ourselves and give to our friends.


I hope you find our food to suit you well for balancing not only your daily diet and bodies but also mind and spirit to be happy, healthy and wealthy! 


Martins Ate, CEO

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